How to Watch/Stream/Play Torrents without Downloading

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Do you want to watch torrent or want to Stream torrents without downloading those big torrent files? Then Rox Player can do this for you. Torrents make it easier to share media and other contents over the internet through torrent clients. Torrents files can be anywhere from a few MBs to a few GBs based on the quality and the kind of content you are downloading. Big Torrent files would take few hours to few days based on your internet connection leaving  with no other option than wait until the downloading completes. Read more about what is Torrent sharing and how Torrent file sharing works. watch play torrents without download, how to stream torrents

For some curious soul the waiting process is never an option, they just to want to watch the Torrent as it being downloaded to their PC. For such people, who just wish to watch torrent without downloading it to their PC first, Rox Player comes to the rescue.

Coming to Rox Player, it is a software application, which allows you to stream audio and video files in your computer/PC  without having to download the whole torrent file before. However, to utilize it to the fullest you should have a fast internet connection so that you can stream those videos easily without much of buffering. Buffering? Yeah, it exists everywhere as it is the shadow of slow internet connections. By using Rox Player, you can easily watch or stream any torrent video and audio file straight from your PC and Mac without any physical download.

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Features of Rox Player:

  • Allows you to Stream or Play Torrent Video or audio directly without downloading them.
  • Integrated network modules allow Rox Player to play files from any place on the internet.
  • Support all major video and audio codec supports major protocols like IPTV, DHT, and P2P.

How to use Rox Player to watch Torrents without Downloading

Step 1: Download and Install Rox Player Download Rox Player 

Step 2: After installing Rox Player open it and click on File.

Step 3: click on open Torrent and select Torrent Magnet link and paste the torrent link to stream the video or audio.

You can also Play previously downloaded torrent file using Rox Player. Rox Player is a handy PC utility that can save you from the hours or sometimes even days of waiting before the torrent download finishes; It is not a brainer that you should have a stable internet connection to watch high-quality videos on Rox Player, though.

Moreover, the Rox Player also supports several protocols including IPTV, DHT, P2P. The only downside we can think of is that it is only available for Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8 PC. Try to download the Windows 8 version on your Windows 10 PC and hopefully it should work. Unfortunately, if you are on Mac, if may need to look for some other alternatives.

That’s it! No, you can easily stream torrent and watch them without downloading.  Do share your thoughts or if you have any other alternative app in the comment section below.


  1. when viewing torrents this way does it stop you from sharing? and will it stop your isp from sending you copy write warnings?


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