How to PlayYoutube Videos in the Background on Android


YouTube is one of the most popular video-sharing websites, but nowadays lots of people use YouTube as a source for music. If we are using PC, usually we open YouTube in a new tab and the videos keeps playing in the background, without disturbing other tasks.


However, this isn’t same with your Android smartphone! You can’t play YouTube videos in the background while using other applications. If you switch to another app, the video stops. Screen goes off; the video stops playing or gets paused. Forget about YouTube videos, the default video player of Android doesn’t even allow you to run the local videos in the background while working on something else. However, this restriction can be bypassed using a media player like VLC Media Player. VLC media player allows you to play videos in the background.

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We have also heard the rumor about Google adding a feature in the next update, which allows the user to play YouTube videos in the background. But still it’s a “Rumor”.

Until Google bring built-in support for this, you can use third-party apps, which allows you to stream audio from YouTube videos in the background. 

uListen not only streams audio from YouTube videos but also saves battery and bandwidth because it only streams audio and not the video

How to Use uListen on Android Smartphone?

First Download and Install uListen.

After finishing the installation > open the App > and tap on search icon (upper right corner) and type the name of any video.

Now the app will present you the result for entered keywords > Click on the video you want to listen and done!

Features of uListen:

  • Search YouTube videos and public playlists.
  • Stream and play YouTube audio tracks in the background.
  • Add tracks and playlists to your Favorites.
  • Sort tracks in Favorites.
  • Add tracks to your Favorites from YouTube’s app share menu.
  • Repeat all and Shuffle in Favorites mode.
  • Watch the video on YouTube.
  • Quick access status bar notification.

Altogether this is indeed a nice app and does its job very well. Have you used this app? Do let us know your views on it in the comments.

Update: YouTube has now removed the “Ulisten” app from the Google Play Store, maybe because it is against their policy. There were few more similar apps in the Google Play Store that allowed you to play YouTube videos in the background, but Google has removed most of them.

Fortunately, there is still one app in the Google Play Store named as Awesome pop-up video, which allows you to play YouTube videos in the background. Whenever you switch to other application while watching the YouTube video, the video will start to float on your screen and will not be paused. The app has several cool features, and you can check it out on Google Play Store here.


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