Firefox and Chrome Extension to Schedule Email in Gmail


Many times, we need to send an email but have to schedule it for a particular date and time. Maybe you want to wish someone on their birthday and would like to surprise them by wishing them at sharp 12 am or maybe want to send an important email to someone else, and you are worried that you may forget to send it on time. The best solution for this is scheduling your Email with date and time by using these Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox Plug-ins.  These Google Chrome and Firefox extensions will allow you to send scheduled emails in Gmail.


Google Chrome Extension to Schedule Email in Gmail

Rightinbox – This is a Google Chrome Extension. It enables the user to schedule emails with a specific date and time. This Extension only works in Gmail accounts, so you must have a Gmail account to use this extension. Using Rightinbox is pretty straight forward. You can also follow these steps to know how to schedule your first email in Gmail.

How to use Rightinbox in Gmail to Schedule Email?

Step 1: Go to Rightinbox webpage

Step 2: Click on Add to Chrome

Step 3: Another pop-up will ask for your confirmation. Click Add to finish installation

Step 4:  Now log into Your Gmail account and you’ll see a message “Right Inbox for Gmail is ready!” click on continue.

Step 5:  Now click on Accept and you’ll see a message “Rightinbox is Ready” click on ok.

Step 6: Now you’ll be prompted to choose your plan. Select Limited Plan (free).

Step 7: Now compose a Mail and at the bottom click on Send Later. Now you can schedule your Email with specified time and date.

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The RightInbox  comes with the three Plans:

  •  Free – It allows 10 Emails per month.
  •  Premium: Yearly Pack –  Unlimited Mails for $3.95/month.
  •  Premium: Monthly Pack – Unlimited Mails for $4.95/month.

Firefox Extension to Schedule Email in Gmail:

You can use the above extension (Rightinbox) for Firefox as well, but for Firefox we have another alternative Plug-in called Boomerang for Gmail.

Boomerang for Gmail lets you take control of when you send and receive email messages in Firefox. It allows you to Schedule your Emails in Gmail with a specific date and time.

How to use Boomerang for Gmail to Schedule Email?

Step 1: In your Firefox, browsers go to Boomerang website

Step 2: Click on the install Boomerang button and you can see a Google Chrome notification. Now follow the on-screen instructions.

Step 4: Click next and Log-in to Your Gmail account.

Step 5: Now compose any mail and at the bottom you will see boomerang enabled. Click on Send later and schedule your mail by specifying the Time and date.

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That’s it! Now you can schedule Email in Gmail using these extensions. You can also use Boomerang in Google Chrome browser. Visit the website using your Chrome browser and repeat the steps.

So, this was about how to Schedule Emails in Gmail using Google Chrome and Firefox. These extensions can come in handy if you go to any remote place where you will not have internet connectivity in such cases you can schedule your emails to be sent in advance and let these extensions send your email as you have scheduled them.

Alternatively, if you are someone who deals with too many emails daily and have to reply them according to a specific date, these extensions can surely come in handy. You don’t need to stress out and hurry to send all the emails at once, but schedule them and let the extension do the rest of the work.

If you are looking for an extension to use with Microsoft Edge in Windows 10, then you may need to wait until the newly launched browser supports extensions or plugins. Do let us know you favorite email scheduling extension in the comment section below.



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