How to increase your Internet Speed : Tips and Tricks


Slow Internet connection? One of the frustrating things in anyone’s life but everyone just can’t afford blazing fast high-speed data service. So, today we will be showing you some easy but truly useful tricks that can boost your Internet connection speed.


Having slow internet speed not necessarily mean that you have a slow internet plan, but it also depends on the kind of hardware you use and the cable you are using for landline internet connection. If you are on a wireless network like 3G using Internet dongle, then you may need to check your dongle for the compatibility with your network provider.

Since there are several reasons for slow internet speed, in today’s post we will be having a look at the factors that can affect your internet speed and how to fix them to increase internet speed.

Follow all of the steps below to Increase Internet speed.

1. Increase Internet Speed by using 100% bandwidth.

The first step to increasing your Internet speed is using 100% bandwidth. By default, Windows holds 20% of your bandwidth for system requirement including Windows update. Now if you can get that 20% of bandwidth, it will undoubtedly boost your Internet speed.

Limit Reservable Bandwidth in Windows 10

Follow below steps to utilize that 20% reserved bandwidth to speed up your Internet connection.

  • Press Windows Key (Start key) + R.
  • Now command prompt window will appear.
  • Now type gpedit.msc.
  • Next, you’ll see Group Policy Window.
  • Double Click on Computer Configuration.
  • Double Click on Administrative Templates.
  • Double Click on Network.
  • Double Click on QoS Packet Scheduler.
  • Double Click on Limit Reservable Bandwidth.
  • Now click on Enabled and below type 0 (Zero).
  • Click OK to save the settings.

Because there is no reserved bandwidth now, you’ll feel the difference in your browsing experience.

2. Use VPN to Avoid Throttling

Internet Service Providers usually throttle the speed when the traffic is from a particular website. In case, you have used torrent then you might have noticed slower download speed, compared to other downloads without using torrent. It could be because your ISP (Internet Service Provider) has restricted your internet speed for few specific services. To bypass this, you can always use VPN service available on the internet. Apart from bypassing the restriction, VPN also allows you to browse the web securely and anonymously.

I have already covered the best free VPN services for Mac and Windows. Follow the article, find the service and see if you can bypass the restriction by your ISP. Some premium VPN service providers like Private Tunnel can allow you to enjoy the full internet speed offered by your service provider. It offers around 500MB of free VPN service, you can, of course, buy more time and bandwidth if you want to increase the size to more than 500 MB. Other VPN service I would suggest would be Hotspot Shield. It is available in premium and freemium version. The premium version is, of course, ad-free with some added features.

3. Check your Modem, Router and Internet Dongle

Now if you have bought an internet plan of 512KBps and you are only getting 256KBps speed, then you need to contact your service provider to enquire about the modem they have given. If you have bought your own Modem, then take it to your internet service provider and make sure that it supported by their service.

If you are using Wireless router to provide wireless internet in your home, check if any third-party is using your internet connection without your knowledge. Make sure that you change your WiFi password frequently.

Using 3G Dongle? For example, I use 3G internet connection for the work as I don’t have access to landline internet connection in my area. What you need to make sure is that you are using the latest or dongle that can at least supports the speed your carrier offer.

4. Block Useless Web page Elements.

When we visit any web page, there are many elements like images, Videos, Flash contents, Java scripts that are not necessary for the visitor, especially when you have to read only texts from the site and have no interest in those extra contents then it is better to block or avoid them from loading. Because the more elements a web page has, the more time and bandwidth require loading the web page. So, just go to setting section of your browser and disable the unnecessary options.

5. Blocking Advertisements.

It is a well-known fact that the most of the publishers use third-party advertisements on their webpage. But some show excessive ads even before you reach to the content a closable window will appear with related ads, which results in more load time. So it is good to use plug-ins like Adblock to block the advertisements, which will surely reduce the loading time of Web Pages and high-speed Internet browsing.

6. Increase Browser Cache.

A web browser’s cache is simply a place designated on your computer where the browser temporarily stores web page information. Such as images and other data and when you revisit the same web page this saved data helps in loading the page faster. So increasing the browser cache results in fast loading of WebPages.

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7. Change DNS Server

Slow DNS server can be the reason for your slow Internet speed. So changing the DNS server will result in fast and secure Internet connection. You can use Google’s public DNS server instead of your ISP’s DNS server address. Google DNS server is the fastest DNS server available for free. So, try to use it and see if it makes any difference.

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8. Mozilla FasterFox

FasterFox is a plug-in for your Mozilla browser, which makes the WebPages load faster while using Mozilla Web browser. So we recommend you to add FasterFox if you use Mozilla browser with slow Internet connection.

9. Use Internet Download Manager for Downloading

I don’t think IDM (Internet Download Manager) requires an introduction, but still for those who don’t know about this software. IDM is a software application that helps you to download the file from the web with better speed and resume capability. You can easily pause and resume the download at any point, without worrying the loss of data.

10. Load Google mail in basic HTML version

If you use Google’s mail service called Gmail, then you can use basic HTML version of Gmail for faster loading of E-mail and data. When you try to open Gmail, and if your Internet speed is slow the web page shows an option at the bottom of the page asking you to load the page in basic HTML version, just click on it to load the Gmail faster.

Now if you try these tips and tricks, you can boost Internet browsing speed on the slow connection. Do let us know if any of these tips worked and if you got your Internet speed increased or if we have missed anything, which you think should be included in the post.



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