How to Speed up Android Phone and Tablet : Tips and Tricks

Best Android Tips and Tricks

Getting a new device like smartphone or tablet is always exciting and like every new device it works smoothly running all the tasks without any glitch. But as the time passes the device starts to get hang frequently or it becomes considerably slow. The same happens with the Android-powered devices as well. Even a simple task like returning to the home screen becomes troublesome; in short every Android powered device experience lags after a short run, and no one wants their device to work like a snail.

Best Android Tips and Tricks to Speed up Android Device
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So, today we will be showing you seven simple but useful tips and tricks to speed up your Android phone that too without rooting your device. Just follow the below tips to make your device perform like a new machine.

1. Free up internal Memory

Every device comes with the limited amount of internal storage and the storage gets filled as the new data gets added to the device including your images, videos, music or other data and the less free space you have, the slower your device performs. And the internal storage is among the several factors that decide your device performance. “Lower the memory space, slower the performance.” The solution is to free up some memory by uploading your data to cloud storage, use services like Dropbox or Google service (Google Drive).

2. Uninstall/ Disable unused apps

The second tip is to uninstall some of the apps or disable them. Means try to uninstall or just disable some of the apps that you haven’t used in a while. Doing so will result in less load and better performance. To uninstall an app Go to >> Setting >> Apps Menu >> Select the app you want to uninstall. But some pre-loaded apps cannot be uninstalled so just disable them using the above method.

If your device has a micro SD card slot, then you can move your apps to SD card. To do this Go to >> Setting >> Apps menu >> select the app >> tap “Move to SD card”.

3. Clearing  Cache

The more you use your device, the more cached data your device builds in the applications including games and apps that can affect the performance of your device. Means deleting those caches can improve the performance; the caches can be cleared manually by you or you can also use the free software programs to clear the cache. Best two cache cleaner apps available in Google Play store are:

4. Speed up Android phone and Tablet by Removing or Limiting Widgets 

One of the coolest features of Android OS is the availability of a number of widgets for various needs. Like Facebook widget that gives you every update and notification without living the home screen, but it is also a fact that the use of too many widgets can slow your device.

The suggestion is to limit the use of widgets; you can remove the widgets. Just press and hold the preferred widget for 2 seconds and then click on remove icon to remove it from the home screen. Removing large widgets will undoubtedly benefit your device with better performance.

5. Use Simple Wallpapers 
Another customization related feature that comes in Android is the ability to keep the preferred images as background of your screen. Even live wallpapers are popular among Android users that come with a bit of animation, using the live wallpaper may not affect the device performance, but surely it will drain your battery rapidly. Now again the choice is yours, “if you want performance, compromise a bit with customization” and avoid using them or use simple wallpapers.
6. Disable Hidden Animation
Android is an OS with secrets!Well, I am talking about secret codes that Android comes with. I mean there are some hidden settings on the device that can be used to increase the performance. You might have noticed when you open the home screen or menu or any app they all opens in different effects and looks polished. There is a tweak that can increase the performance of the device, but your interface will look a bit less polished, though.
  • To do this Go to >> Setting >>About Phone >> Tap 7 times on Build Number; It will open Developer Option in the device.
  • Now again Go to >> Setting >> Developer Option >> Drawing option.
  • Now turn off Window Animation Scale, Transition Animation scale, and Animator duration scale.

This will turn off all the animation effects, and your UI will look simple but faster.

7. Get Latest Software Updates
Almost all the major device makers release a timely update for their devices, which include performance enhancements and new features. New updates usually bring bug fixes, adds battery enhancement and solves performance issues. So keep your device up to date with latest firmware releases. To check for the update Go to Setting >> About Phone >> System updates and if there is any update you will be prompted to install it.
So this was about best tips and tricks to speed up your Android device, you will get more Android Tips and Tricks in our next post. Until then let us know your views and suggestion in the comments. And don’t forget to share this with your friends



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