How to Change Unknown/Forgotten Administrator Password in Windows XP, 7

Microsoft Windows, the most popular computer operating system has some unique and safety features to maintain our privacy.  We can create our user accounts and set the password to them to personalize our PC according to our requirement. Maybe to keep our professional and personal stuff separately or to allow two different users to use a single system by making two accounts secured with username and password. 
Reset Windows 7 forgotten and unknown password
Well, as every coin has two sides this password protection also has a disadvantage, and that is, it only recognizes the password and not the owner of the system, means anyone with knowledge of your password can access your system and can make any changes to them. Even they can change the password of your system and may not let you know the changed password. Here in this article I will show you how to change unknown or forgotten password on Windows computer.
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Follow below steps to Change Unknown/Forgotten Password in Windows

Step 1: Press Win + R key on your keyboard, it will open Run Dialogue Box.

Step 2: Type cmd and press ok to open the command prompt.

Step 3: In command prompt window type net user. It will show the list of all users that has been created on this computer.

Step 4: Now type net user administrator. The administrator is account name; if you have to change other account password type that account name.

Step 5: Now the command will initialize the process of changing password.

Step 6: Next, type the new password anything like “abcd123” that you want for your account.

Step 7: Now again enter the same password to confirm the password change

Note: The typed password will not be visible. 

Windows Password Recovery Software 

Well, if the above method didn’t work for whatever reason may be, you can look at these Windows Password recovery software. These tools can help you to recover or reset forgotten or unknown user and administrator passwords.  Below  I have mentioned few password recovery software to help you in cracking or recovering your administrative password.

1. Offline Windows Password & Registry Editor

As the name suggests, this tool can assist you in resetting password in Windows PC. The tool doesn’t recover the password, but erases it completely and allows you to create a new password.

The tool requires you to burn the software to your disk and then boot from it. Begin with downloading the Offline Windows Password & Registry Editor ISO and then burn it to any empty CD.

Once you have burned the ISO disk, insert the disk into your PC and boot from it by restarting your PC. Once you have booted using the disk, follow the onscreen instructions, and you should be able to reset the password.

2. Ophcrack 

It may not have a very promising name, but it can do the job. The Ophcrack Windows password cracker can be tagged as the best password recovery tool on could use. To use it, download the Ophcrack ISO from the website and burn to any CD.

Now boot using your Ophcrack CD and restart your PC.  Once the program starts, you have to proceed to recover the password. The tool can retrieve the password in few minutes so have patience until it recovers the password.

How to Reset Password in Windows 7 using Recovery Disk

The above method is one of the most simplest methods to reset or change your Windows 7 administrator password. But, what would you do if you cannot access your computer at the first place? The first method requires you to have access to your computer and the command prompt of course.

Now if you don’t have access to your computer or you are unable to log in, then you can reset your Windows 7 password using your system repair disk or original Windows 7 installation disk. Here is how to do it.

1. Insert Windows 7 installation DVD or System Repair disk and restart your PC.

2. Select your language and click on Next.

3. Select Repair your computer.

4. Your System repair disk or installation DVD will locate the OS installed on your PC.

5. You need to take note of your Windows 7 installation drive, which should be in D: drive usually.

6. From the Operating System list, select Windows 7 and click on Next.

7. Now you will see System Recovery Options, choose Command Prompt from here.

8. Enter the following commands in command prompt:

copy d:\windows\system32\utilman.exe d:\ 
copy d:\windows\system32\cmd.exe d:\windows\system32\utilman.exe

9. You may need to type yes if asked to Overwrite the disk.  Also, make sure that you change your Windows 7 installation drive if it is other than D: with d:/ in the above command.

10. Close the command prompt window and restart your PC. Remove the disk as well.

11. Once the PC restarts, click on the square icon (bottom left of the screen).

12. In the command prompt, type in the following command:

net user yourusername yourpassword

Replace “yourusername” and “yourpassword” with the one you want.

13. Close the command prompt and login with your new password.

That’s it. Now you have successfully changed your password! And I hope you will try this on your computer unless someone ask for the help. So this was about how to change unknown/forgotten password in Windows. Got other suggestions? Let us know.


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